Thursday, August 12, 2010

Makeover Time!

Today is the last day of vacation for us.  We head into the Big City to pick up our little people tomorrow.  In the meantime, I finished touching up the paint in Matthew's room today and put everything back in.  Want to see the before and after shots??  Of course you do!!

Before:  There was an ugly and unsafe blind, peeling wallpaper border and too-small crib.
After: Fresh paint, new curtains (Sewed by me!  Thank you 4-H sewing teacher!), new bed, and some fun wall decals.

I didn't think I was going to repaint after removing the (blasted, stubborn, hateful) wallpaper border, so the bedding and curtains were decided before I realized the border had been there long enough to damage the paint underneath it.  We actually had the paint custom-tinted to match what was there before.  This meant only one coat was required to spruce everything up.  I can't believe the difference curtains over that old dusty blind made to the overall look of the room.  I am very happy with the results and hope Matthew isn't too shocked to see his crib gone. Ok, so technically, a mattress on the floor does not constitute a bed.  We find that transitioning from a crib to a mattress on the floor is much easier than going from a crib to a bed that is off the floor.

Selling the crib is a milestone for us.  It means there will be no more babies in our house.  I am on to a new phase of parenting now.  I am entering uncharted waters. I now have Kids in my house!

This is just a gratuitous shot of a great piece of art Richard's Aunt gave us.  It decorated her boy's rooms as babies and I just love it.  Do you know what story these characters are from??  I am going to make you guess!  It reminds me of a  favourite story from my own childhood.  In fact, let's make this interesting.  The first person to guess correctly will win a copy of the book.  (This is also a reward for reading this far!)

Oh, I wasn't the only one redecorating on our vacation.  Richard undertook a project of his own, in between helping me with mine.  Once he takes his after shots, I will share.  What he accomplished is very impressive!


Andria Crowjoy said...

I don't know the story but I love the art!!

Tamara Dawn said...

Oh man I have google the crap outta everything in that picture and I got nothing.


I love free stuff!

Double Damn!

Oh and thanks for your comment you had me laughing pretty good there with that stretchy pant comment!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

lovely makeover, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

good work!

Isn't it nice to have something so...finished and cohesive to look at for your efforts?

Ashlee Rose O. said...

I don't know I was gonna say Bremen Town Musicians but I think that's probably wrong. Either way it looks nice.