Monday, August 23, 2010

Everyone's a critic.

I snagged a copy of the soundtrack to the movie Swingers while at the secondhand store this morning.  I listened it while putting away groceries and making lunch when we got home.  This particular song came on and of course I had to start dancing.

Charlotte then shot me a dirty look and said dryly:  "Mom.  Stop.  I don't like your dancing."

Sheesh!  Can't a girl have a little fun while doing chores?????

If you click on the link I dare you to sit still!!!


tammi said...

It was the "jazz hands," wasn't it?! ;)

Ami said...

I hope you not only kept dancing, but grabbed your daughter and got her dancing, too.


~ Elly ~ said...

We actually have a rule in our house that children are NOT ALLOWED to tell a grown up to stop singing or dancing. Libby would be such a little snot about it that we instituted the rule. Nobody is dancing for HER benefit, so she can shut it. SHUT.IT. That's right.