Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I still knit sometimes!

So, I spent a lovely Valentine's Day evening at my friend Sandy's house. She is a chronic hat knitter. She made an adorable hat that I just had to have. So I made one too. In two days.

The yarn is thick and soft, the pattern fun and engaging.

It's a good thing I like it so much. My respite worker spied it last night on my needles and asked me to make her one. The kids love her and she tidies my house after she tucks them in for the night. How could I say no??

The pattern is Devra 2, and I made it with Paton's Shetland Chunky in Taupe using 40-cm bamboo circular needles in 5 and 6 mm sizes. I added plastic craft mesh to the brim to make it rigid.


ValleyGirl said...

I totally want one! Are you taking orders??

noelle said...

That is absolutely adorable! I think my teen daughter would like one...I'll have to work that!

mbsandybee said...

I think we'll have to hook up again so you can show me how to do the peak...I have to take mine out and re-do it before I will wear it out in public.
I soooo enjoyed my time with you! It was a LOVE-ly V-day! <3

Jennifer said...

It looks so great on you! I really like your yarn choice. The cables really pop and look nice and squishy. :)