Friday, February 26, 2010

Something happened yesterday that involved cake and candles.
This year Richard took the kids to the mall and let them choose their own gifts for me. This proved to have hilarious consequences. You really get a glimpse of yourself through your children's eyes when they choose gifts for you.

Emmett chose a Bejing Olympics highlights DVD and My Fitness Trainer for the Wii. He sees me watching the Winter Olympics right now, and the fitness game is not a comment on my appearance, he just sees me play my other fitness game a lot so he assumed I would like this one too (I do! I have heard it is a good one.)

Charlotte chose a cheesy paperback romance novel for me. She sees me reading books a lot and I guess this one had a pretty cover. I almost fell off my chair laughing at this one!!

They both chose a Spongebob Easter card for my birthday card. They both love Spongebob.

Richard baked the cake. Click on the link if you dare--this cake is not for those of you watching your calories! It is for those of you who appreciate a fantastic chocolate cake. The icing is more like chocolate mousse than it is icing, with it's combo of butter, cream cheese, melted chocolate AND cocoa powder. Sigh. So. Good.

So far, this new year of life is looking pretty good!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you! That cake does look decadent. Don't you just love cute kid photos with food all over their faces! I have a few of those :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! How cute that they got you there own presents. I once bought my mom Jean Nate. Aren't I loving!

Ami said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the ideas kids get for gifts.

And the cake made me drool.

*Lissa* said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

I always get a kick out of my kids' gifts. One year, the twins both picked out a tube of pastel-pink-ish lipstick. THE SAME SHADE. So beautiful. ;)

AMIT said...
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