Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nestle Noir Mousse

Hello Regular Readers: The following is a product review I am committed to writing. If you are not interested, come back some other time. This won't happen very often, I promise.

Fellow blogger Mama Bear recently offered the opportunity to sample a new chocolate product made by Nestle. I never say no to free chocolate, so I signed up. All I had to do was eat the chocolate and then write about it. Easy!

This candy is Nestle's attempt to make a more upscale product; something you could set out with coffee for friends as opposed to something you scarf in the checkout line at the grocery store while waiting your turn.
I was given two flavours to sample: 70% dark and milk.

Upon first glance, I found the packaging very pretty--not your typical candy bar wrapper. It is obvious their design department took careful note of how Dove packages their candy. As opposed to individually wrapped squares, this candy is displayed on a tray inside the box.

I tried the milk chocolate first. The chocolate is definitely not the highest quality. I did detect a hint of waxiness that is typical of cheaper candy bars, and the chocolate did not melt on my tongue as quickly as a luxury brand. The mousse filling was smooth and very sweet. I wouldn't say I was blown away, but it was pretty good for Nestle.

Next, I popped a square of the dark chocolate in my mouth. I found I liked how the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate contrasted with the sweet mousse filling in this candy. It did not have the waxy quality the milk chocolate had, but it was missing a fullness of flavour the luxury brands have.

I served the chocolate (with a plate of strawberries) to my Grandma and Mother-In-Law. They said they liked both kinds, but did not get specific. Hubby said through a mouthful that he liked it too.

Bottom line: I enjoyed sampling the candy, but probably won't buy it. My life is too short to eat waxy chocolate!

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shortcake said...

Thanks for the've saved me a disappointing experience. It really is better to just eat a tiny bit of the good stuff, huh?