Saturday, May 30, 2009

More rambling.

Richard and I went back for a second look at one house, a first look at another house. We are happy enough with the second look that Richard is going to call the bank on Monday and see what the good or bad news is. We should also look into a home inspector, if we can find one that doesn't reek of snake oil. (Local readers: any recommendations?)

That means I need to start prepping our house for sale. I hate having a house on the market. Having people tromp through looking at my stuff is so invasive. We are hoping for a best-case scenario where the bank will let us move out before selling. It happens. Don't look at me like that.

Of course, I am preparing for the worst and envision a rented storage unit in our future. I also envision emptying the kids rooms while they are out of the house so they can't see everything that needs to be packed up being removed in front of them.
I turn into a very ugly person when my house has to be spotless all the time. I don't like the person I become.

While I am sitting over here having an anxiety attack, enjoy some signs of Spring I have noticed at my house:

This little guy showed up on our doorstep last night, probably fresh out of his nest. We fended off the neighbour's cats while he figured out how his wings work.

I have beautiful ferns growing along one side of my house. The ladybug was perfectly posed, don't you think?


Rina said...

Congratulations!!! That's exciting. Relax and think of the benefits!

Ami said...

Love the ladybug photo. It's worth clicking on for the enlarged version, too.

And have you heard of the Lost Ladybug Project? Worth sending in for that, I think.

CC said...

Good luck getting ready with the house! I've never sold a house, but it seems like a lot of work!