Friday, June 12, 2009

I hope she remembers this when she has a boyfriend....

Richard and I live with a PDA police officer.
This is what happens if we to steal a little (G-rated) affection in front of her:

No kissing!

Stop hugging my father!

You! Go back to your chair! Now!

(Ok, so I may have provoked her yesterday for blogging purposes...does that make me a horrible person?? )


tammi said...

I'm a total proponent of "inspiring" {ahem} these moments with our children for blogging purposes!

Yes, let's hope she still feels that way in 12 years! Yikes, I SO don't want to think about that!!!

Carolyn said...

Ya ha ha ha ha.... I love it!

Rina said...

Hahaha awesome!!!!!

Ami said...

My kids are 16 and 22 this week. The 22 year old groans and says things like, "I did NOT need to see that." when we hug each other.

Our daughter tells us to go to our room if we can't control ourselves.

You've created a monster, take it from me.