Friday, May 29, 2009


So, a house came on the market in my neighbourhood that I have admired for all the years that I have lived here. I checked out the listing and thought the price was a little steep for us. I mentioned it offhand to Richard who promptly said "Oh THAT house? Call [our Realtor] tonight. Go look at it." Well, the day before my appointment it sold.

There is another house in our neighbourhood for sale. On a whim (and since I was out with the Realtor anyway) I asked if we could take a peek. It is quite a bit scruffier than the other home, but it is 1000 sq feet bigger than my house and is on a fenced lot that is easily triple the size of the postage stamp of grass we currently have for a yard. I see tonnes of potential. My mom said she could help me paint and yank up funky carpet. The kids would have a yard. I would have a craft room. There are a few things in the cons list, like an odd cedar-lined hole in one of the bedrooms (Thwarted attempt at adding a closet? Who knows?) and the fact that it is on a very busy intersection. I have been nagging Richard for two days to go look.

I hate being in between things. I want to know if this is a real possibility for us. I want to know what chance we have of selling our house before that one gets sold. I really love the house we are in, it is beautiful, but I feel like we are growing out of it.

I feel like I am in an in-between place. I feel like I should start sorting and de-cluttering, but how much? I really don't like moving, and I hate prepping a house for sale even more, but I feel like the time has come for us.


Anonymous said...

I hate being inbetween as well, but it's still exciting. Good luck!

tammi said...

Oooo, that's kind of an exciting place to be though, isn't it? Knowing things will change but not how or how much.... I hope you'll find something perfect.

I hate moving, too. I've done it only once and I really hope to never do it again!!!

Ami said...

I'd rather go through labor than move.

I hate hate hate moving.


On the other hand, if I could get a really big house and not have to worry about paying for it....

Carolyn said...

~~~sending positive, happy thoughts~~~

April said...

I vote...if he's busy this weekend, you could still figure a few more things out on your own. Call up the real estate person and get those questions answered. Do some poking around about the financing. It can't hurt. (your hopes are already high, right?)

Sandy said...

Ohhhhh How exciting!!!

In the midst of the declutter process, if you are suddenly overcome with the need to purge your yarn, I would gladly add it to my stash...hehehe ;)

Good luck and keep me posted!!!

Unknown said...

Sandy--there is a bizarre storage area behind a bedroom wall at this place lined with cedar. The yarn asked if it could live there. Sorry.