Monday, February 16, 2009

Writer's block.

I haven't felt like writing much lately. I can't say life is any more or less hectic than normal. I can say that since Matthew has really learned to walk my ability to sit at the computer and really think about what I want to say and form it into coherent sentences has diminished. Constantly having to get up and rescue him from perilous situations can stop trains of thought dead in their tracks. (Ha! That was a pun!)

I have had things rattling around in my brain, don't get me wrong.

Valentine's Day, for example. So much pressure if you are in a relationship, so much disappointment if you aren't. I grudgingly bought cards for the kids classmates and baked cookies for parties, but resented the fact that I had to spend money on junk that would just end up in various garbage cans all over our town. I went to the grocery store to pick up some food items and watched as people picked over the tired looking flower display like vultures. How special are those flowers if you know that most people in your community are being surprised by the same thing? How special is that night out when you are bumping elbows with every other romantic couple in the city? We went out for dinner last Thursday night. The restaurant was dead. It was lovely. The waitress knew she would be slammed with customers on Saturday.
I did make molten chocolate cakes because, well, I love molten chocolate cake. I will take any excuse to make it!

What else has been on my mind? The Courage Campaign. They are a grassroots organization lobbying hard to have Proposition 8 invalidated. Prop 8 made gay marriage illegal in California. New legislation is coming out that will invalidate all marriages that happened before it came into effect, divorcing couples and breaking up families against their wishes. Fellow blogger Ami made a wonderfully eloquent blog post about it. I couldn't have said it better. Please take a minute to read it. I will wait.

It is only love! But it is so much more than that. These people just want to live normal lives. They want to file Income Taxes, they want to sign medical consent forms and school permission slips. They want to love each other and raise their children. I can't wrap my mind around how that is wrong.

Oh, and how can I go from Valentine's Day to gay marriage in one blog post? The deadline to invalidate Prop 8 was Feb 14th. The deadline has now been extended. Can you imagine having to wait with baited breath to see if your marriage was going to still be valid and legal? My heart goes out to these families. If you feel the same way, go here and sign the petition.

Wow. I am ranty today!


Sandy said...

I am totally with you on the Valentines money grab! We don't celebrate it at our house, I think it's ridiculous and cheezy. I hated spending any amount of money or time on the cards that the kids don't even read (I had my kids sit down at the table and I read them to them!) and then they just go in the garbage.
I intend on checking out the courage campaign. Thanks for posting it!

Imcombobulated said...

Thanks for the link to the Courage Campaign. I've signed. I hope it (prop 8) can be stopped.

Wendy said...

Hooray, I'm not the only one! lol I play VW both under my regular profile (under my real name) AND under a Vampires-only profile. It's not like I play constantly all day.

But first thing in the morning, I like get my blood in the "blood bank"! lol That way, no one gets any if they beat me in a fight. ;)

Writer's block... Ugh. Suffered a SERIOUS case of it during the time my husband was here. His presence kills creativity.

And I was so pissed about prop 8. About 1/2 my family is gay, and one of my cousins had gotten married recently. She and her partner live in CA.

So depressing that people want to be together as a family, and the government feels the need to deny them such a basic right!

What makes heterosexuals so special? Conservatives WHINE about hate crime laws, saying that's just preferential treatment for people of a certain group (be it race, age, etc.).

But then they think it's OK to give special rights to "straight" people.

Hypocritical much? Grrr...

Sorry for rambling on your blog. I'm seriously and very passionately pro-gay rights and equality. I totally agree with you.