Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stoopid camera.....

If my camera hadn't suddenly and mysteriously died on me yesterday you would be looking at the cutest pictures right now.

Charlotte had her very first dance recital yesterday. She wore the most adorable puppy costume. She let me tie her hair back into a proper ballerina bun. She wore sparkely eyeshadow and blush and pink lipgloss. She took to the stage like a pro and wagged her tail and howled and scratched her ears. She was sort of in time with the music.

I was so proud of her.

It was the best birthday gift.


Sandy said...

Oh my GOSH Jen!!!! That would have been SOOOO super cute to see! Did anyone get pics??? I would LOVE to see them!!!
We for sure need a coffee/knit session. I need a holiday. Know of any close mountains that I can lose myself in? A bonus would be a cabin!

Ami said...

Happy Birthday!!

I wish your camera had worked.

kitten said...

Happy late Birth Day! Sounds like a lovely time! I do understand the camera thingy. Bless your heart!