Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pantry to bathroom: After

I think the waiting was worth it, don't you?? Do you think I should tile the board the sink is mounted on or leave it alone?

Here is the new pantry:


Anonymous said...

Good work.

gooooogle music

Ami said...

the bathroom is beautiful... I could us an extra one.

We only have one.


April said...

Absolutely worth the wait!! I'm jealous too. It would be lovely not to always have to run upstairs when ya gotta pee.... haha. Its great! Good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! We're doing some crazy renovations ourselves... sadly the second bathroom idea won't happen until... who knows when... and the only place we have to put it is in the basement. But it all works :) As for the board: I think it would look very good tiled. More intentional that way too.


Anonymous said...

I think (from the pictures) that you could tile it or leave it... The white is a nice accent, and it matches the trim around your window, plus, I don't know that there's enough room on the board to really get a good tiling pattern happening; you run the risk of making it too busy, or worse, like you're trying to hide a big ugly board that's really not that big or ugly. I'd leave it for one month, and ask the opinion of anyone who's home decor opinion you trust between now and then. This might be a good back to school project if you do decide to tile.

Tara said...

I love the color! I wouldn't tile the board. It looks fine the way it is. Tile might draw to much attention to it.