Sunday, June 8, 2008

A busy weekend.

This weekend has been very busy. Richard is running a gaming convention, and at the same time, the summer fair came to town. We made the decision to only send the oldest boys in the family to the fair. I thought that if Char saw Emmett go on all the rides that she was too short to go on we would just be asking for a meltdown.

It turns out I shouldn't have worried. Richard said that he and Emmett only went on ONE ride. (At a cost of $10!!! ONE ride!!! ) What kept their attention for the rest of the time they were at the fair??? The Armed Forces Recruitment area. They spent so much time there Emmett got all the free swag they were handing out. Tattoos, key lanyard, caribiner keyring, frisbee....
They waited a long, long time to get in the fair gates.
Emmett saw this vehicle during the parade in the morning and was enthralled
Richard couldn't get him out of it.
This picture kind of scares me. Should Emmett be smiling while holding that rifle?

Emmet told me he wants to join the Army and drive the big trucks when he grows up. This week Canada lost another soldier in Afghanistan. I knowEmmett is just turning 5 and his career aspirations could change many, many times between now and when he grows up, but the thought of my little boy going off to war is really chilling to me. I know, I know. Stop worrying. He's not tall enough to go on that ride just yet.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, David just turned 5 MONTHS and the thought has chilled me a few times. I made him promise he would respect the people who fight for our rights and freedoms, but that he wouldn't be one of them.

Heather said...

Maybe it would help if he had some options? Something like this maybe:

Lots of jobs have big trucks, and a lower mortality rate.

Unknown said...

Ooooh, that looks like a fantastic book!!!!