Friday, May 2, 2008

Birthday Food.

Tomorrow is Charlotte's birthday. Tonight I am sitting here trying to remember what I was doing at this time three years ago, waiting for her arrival. I remember the hard labour coming much later, in the middle of the night. I remember not wanting to call the midwife at 0300AM because every other night that week I called her thinking I was in labour and I wasn't. I didn't want her to tell me I would have to wait even longer.

My memories are fading. I remember only isolated moments of the hours of labour and the very short delivery. I remember that we got to the hospital with only minutes to spare and I gave birth in the clothes I walked in off the street in. I remember cradling a slippery warm Charlotte against my belly while still squatting on the birthing stool seconds after she came out of me. I remember Richard sitting on the toilet in the bathroom talking to me while I took a shower afterward. He was sent in there by the midwives to help if I keeled over. He helped dry me off and dress me when I was too shaky to do it myself.

There is one thing I remember vividly: the food. I gave birth to Char at 0744AM--one minute before shift change. By the time we were both cleaned up and tucked in it was breakfast time. Since I used to work at the hospital where I gave birth I knew there was much better things to eat for breakfast than the tepid tray that was placed before me. I sent Richard to the cafeteria in the basement where I knew there were hot gooey cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven. It was the one and only time I ate one of those giant buns happily and without a shred of guilt!!

A lot of my memories revolve around food. Emmett's birth is an even hazier memory than Charlotte's. (That's for the best--it was a grueling ordeal that ended with days of crying) I still remember what I ate after we were tucked in. He was born later in the afternoon. I had roast beef for supper that night.

Of course Matthew's birth is still fresh in my memory. I remember acutely the smell of the leaves turning on the trees as a warm breeze blew in my bedroom window. I got Earl Grey tea and fresh apple pie after Matthew was born.

Moms out there....what do you remember about your baby's birth day? What did you eat??


Tara said...

I honestly don't remember what I ate. What I do remember is the smells. I remember the smell of the babies as they were each born. I remember the smell of the hospital, and every time I walk in there it brings back memories of my births. I also remember the powdery smell of the diapers we used there too. Kinda weird isn't it!

Rina said...

I hadn't eaten since breakfast and Ky was born at 1am that night!