Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank you, Zellers!!!

I am sure everyone is hearing about the dangers associated with a certain type of plastic that many containers are made from.

Health Canada Press Release

Health Canada has recently designated this type of plastic as dangerous and stores have pulled baby products made from this type of plastic off shelves. I am not going to rehash the news for you here. I am going to tell you that I fed my first two kiddos from bottles more than likely made from this plastic and also fed Matthew with bottles made from this plastic as well. Baby bottles are expensive. When stores started pulling merchandise off the shelves and recommending that you toss containers and buy new ones I chose to ignore the scary stories. I followed Health Canada's recommendations on how to minimize the dangers of these bottles and continued to feed Matthew from them. (Don't heat liquid in bottles, don't put liquid in hot bottles.)

This changed yesterday when I got a phone call from a friend. It turns out Zeller's, Walmart and Toys R Us are taking back bottles that contain BPA and offering store credit. I gathered up my bottles, took them in and am now the proud owner of some Avent sippy cups that take baby bottle nipples and do not contain BPA. I could not have easiy afforded to do this without help from Zellers.

Now I am helping spread the word. If you are reading this from Canada and were wanting to change your bottles but not sure you could afford to, this makes it a lot easier.

Get a BPA-free Playtex bottle

List of BPA-free bottles and sippy cups

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April said...

I won't swear on your blog, but know that I am swearing in my head. CRAP. Too bad for us that our bottles are all at the recycling depot now.

Glad you have what you need now!