Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting Ready to Par-tay

I got some awesome alphabet cookie cutters for Christmas this year. I decided that Char needed her name spelled out in cookies to go with her cake at her party. Here are some pictures of the cookies being decorated by Char and Emm. I am hopeless with frosting bags so I had the kids paint the cookies with an egg yolk glaze tinted with food colouring.

The recipe for the cookies can be found here.

I am also very proud of the cake I made and decorated for Char. This is the first time a home made decorated cake has turned out so well for me. It was really fun to make.

More pictures of the party will follow....we are using a combination of ancient digital camera and film camera right now as our *nice* digital camera is out of commission at the moment.

Click on any picture to embiggen.


Ami said...

Great cake!!

Charlotte looks so serious in her painting and that's a cute pic of Emmett, too.

Happy Birthday!!

April said...

Fantastic cake! And super cute lookin kiddos. Kudos to you for making both! ;-) See ya soon...

kitten said...

Happy Birthday Char!
How cool!! ABC cookie cutters! You can learn to spell and make cookies at the same time. Nice job on the cake!

Brie said...

Great cake. Happy Birthday to Charlotte!