Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mammal moms are all the same.

I took the kids to The Fair today. As we walked through the petting zoo I came across a mama pig and her piglets. Some were hanging off her teats, some were curled up napping, some were jumping on her head. She looked so tired.

I felt a kinship with that poor tired momma. A lot of my days are spent much the same way. The only difference is I sit on a couch watching Dora the Explorer while a baby hangs off my teat and another one jumps on my head. That momma pig wasn't thinking about the mountain of laundry that needed folding while her kids were frolicking around her.

We human mammals have a lot in common with our inter species sisters in parenthood.

This could be the part of the story where I say I swear of meat and get on a soapbox. I'm not. I like bacon too much for that. I just felt like we were kindred spirits.

Am I going crazy???


Ashlee Rose said...


You're supposed to... or so I'm told. :P

kitten said...

No, sweety! Your not crazy. We all have felt that way one time or another. Just remember to try and take out 5 minutes a day for yourself. I know it's hard, but it's a must!

kitten said...

Heather K (Big Dreamer)had a little boy Tuesday. He is in ICU and wont get to go home with her today. She says he will be okay, but I don't know much more.