Sunday, April 20, 2008

Facebook Detox

I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday.

It seemed so innocent at first. Sign on, look up old friends, trade emails and brag about your kids. Find out what happened to the ex boyfriend.

After that, things started going downhill. It all started with the apps. A few games here, a group there. I got lazy about keeping in touch with friends.Why call someone when you can just turn on the computer and check their status?

Then things got positively sinister. Funwall where a certain friend kept posting pictures of fat naked people in undignified poses. Endless invitations to join groups, play games. I found out I was *bought* by someone even though I don't ever remember adding an app to my profile where I get to prostitute myself. I found out that strangers can look at your pictures even if you have privacy settings to maximum. Then I realized I was stalking my friends instead of actually reaching out to them.

I started rethink what I was doing there. I spent way too much time reading message boards, looking a pictures, playing with the apps, ignoring my kids. I am embarassed to admit I was addicted.

I started the detox process. Funwall was first to go. I stopped spamming my friends with apps. Next to go were the friends I added to my list and then never, ever contacted (poking didn't count). Next I deleted the useless apps and left most of my groups. One day a friend told me that someone was posting kiddy pr0n on parenting message boards. I can't confirm the validity of the rumor, but it was enough to turn me off for good. My photo albums were deleted, then I contacted the friends I wanted to stay in touch with and turned my account off.

Some of my friends couldn't believe I would leave FB. I didn't leave the continent! I didn't cut my internet connection! (That would be awful!!!) I just left a place I didn't feel safe anymore. my kids are much better behaved because of it.


Dari Murray said...

Hey you, you are absolutely right in your thoughts about facebook! I wish I could put my thougts into words like you do, you are hilarious! You have me rethinking the whole facebook thing, lets get in touch this week?

NiftyNadine said...

I really agree with you! We'll have to pick a day this week and do kids coffee house!

Mama Bear said...

Congrats on your deactivation! I did a whole deleting of people whom I never contact thing too and it felt GREAT. I'm thinking I'll remove Funwall right now actually, because I never look at it.

You are an inspiration!!!

Deborah said...

Hi! I just out browsing...I found your blog through Nadine's...and thought I'd stop long enough to comment... I completely agree with you about FB. I still have an account, but never use it, so might as well get rid of it!

Bethany said...

I realize you posted this almost 2 years ago, but it's so true! I, too, am guilty of the same things you wrote about. I'll be unplugging as well. ;o) Take Care!!

Jryad said...

I left Facebook a while back and, honestly, am so glad I did. I can't even begin to state how much my life has changed as a result. Not going to Facebook every time I'm on the computer -- not wasting hour upon hour wondering who will change their status update next. No longer wondering who will 'like' what I had to say, or if my friends will look at my vacation pictures. Facebook is the ULTIMATE time sink, and it is one that I have put long behind me so I can move forward in my real life. There is no need for Facebook. It always ends up as a waste of time, and I am glad to hear that others are leaving it behind.