Friday, February 15, 2008

An Update.

What's new in our little world? Well, Emmett and Richard left for The Big City yesterday. This morning Emmett is having an MRI of his brain done to look for any possible reason for his speech problems. I have been just fine with this, not worrying at all. I fully assumed they would find nothing and then we would just go back to our routine of therapy and hard work. I am worried now. The February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine had a story in it about a little girl who doesn't talk. They talked about the form of brain damage she has that causes her challenges. Now I am worried. Emmett has a lot of the external symptoms. This article also showed an assistive device that I am very interested in to help Emmett communicate. I will be asking our doctor and Speech Pathologist if this machine could be helpful to us.

Of course, when the Cat and Mouse go away, all hell breaks loose. I came down with the stomach flu overnight and came downstairs to find my kitchen sink full of raw sewage. The toilet is backing up into it. A couple of nights ago it was just the bathtub, but now all the plumbing seems to be backing up. So. Gross. I am now waiting to see if Plumber #2 will have the curtesy to call me back.

Think happy thoughts for Emmett today, please! And can someone send a plumber my way, please??


Tara said...

I feel so bad for you! I hope everything goes well with Emmett and I hope your day gets better.

~ Elly ~ said...

Oh lordy pants! Sending you calm and hugs and patience and a latrine!

Anonymous said...

omg that's horrible!! The kitchen sink?? EWWW.

I won't tell you not to worry about the tests, since you're a mom. That's what we all do. And if you're like me, you assume the worst first.

But he may not have what you fear. Hang in there.