Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Update

Well, it has been an eventful day! It turns out our plumbing was stuffed with baby wipes. The plumber spent almost two hours snaking and that is all he came up with. I have a feeling I know who was responsible for that! (She is short, has blonde curly hair, a mischievous glint in her eye....) To celebrate having clean pipes I bleached the kitchen and gave Matthew a bath. (He hasn't had one since the tub started to back up a couple of days ago.)

Emmett came through the MRI just fine. Richard said he was really upset about everything until the sedatives kicked in, and then everything was ok. I have no idea when we will find out the results of the test. A radiologist will have to look at the pictures and make a report that will be sent to our doctor. The boys will be coming home tomorrow.

While they were gone his respite worker and I took the opportunity to clean out his room and get rid of a bunch of toys. Aren't we evil? We also took all the toys out of the living room. It looks so much better in here. I will enjoy it until the slow migration of toys back down the stairs begins tomorrow when Emmett returns.


Heather said...

A friend of mine had a plumbing issue, turned out to be a toy truck that had been flushed. Funny how a person so small can cause such a huge (expensive) mess, eh?

kitten said...

Yep! Babby wipes can do it even thou they say flushable.
Can't wait till yall find the problem. Hugs to you and hope all turns out for the good. Your in my thoughts. I have a few videos up and gonna put some more where you can hear my voice.
I really enjoy your blog, but don't have time to visit as much as I would like here lately. I just wanted to come over and say Hello! I really need to get to the hospital thou. Take care!
Thank you for all your warm wishes!
I'm really missing all my blogging friends!
I really need a lap top!