Thursday, November 29, 2007

A post about knitting!? (.....and a question for the parents out there.)

I'm as surprised as you are. How can I, mother of three very young children possibly find time to knit?? Well, a few things have recently happened:

  • Matthew is sleeping longer and longer at night, leaving me much more energetic during the day.
  • Matthew is three months old now--he is happy for short periods of time in his bouncy chair or under his baby gym.
  • Charlotte still naps.
  • Emmett is happy to play computer games or watch a video while Charlotte naps.
  • I turn a blind eye to the dirty dishes and laundry that needs folding.
A recent cold snap has left me eager to get the needles and yarn out again. What have I been up to? Thanks for asking!
A hat for Richard--knit in Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick on biggish dpns (don't ask me what size, I don't know!) cast on 60 stitches, knit in k2p2 rib until "big enough" (this isn't brain surgery) decrease for the crown and cast off. Have a happy husband with warm ears.This is a Top Secret Christmas gift. It is Noro Kureyon. It is very scratchy to knit with, but it redeems itself by entertaining me with gorgeous colours. The Thing is very easy and fast to knit. I may make another.
This is a garter-stitch triangle shawl in Fleece Artist Goldielocks. It is in a black hole right now. Every second row I increase by 4 stitches so I feel like I knit and knit and knit but see no discernable progress. I am in love with the colour changes and the yarn is soft and squooshy and a delight to knit with. That is the only reason I persevere with this. That, and I'm cold and I want to wear it!.

Subject change:

Any experienced parents out there have advice for me on how to discourage Charlotte to ask for things in a plaintive whiny voice that pierces my brain?

Click on any picture to enlarge and delight in the yarny goodness.

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Mama B said...

I completely understand about the triangle shawl! I'm in the midst of knitting up a half-size (child) that increases only two stitches ever knit row. AAAAAGHHHHHH!

Anyways as to the whining I was a mean, mean, mommy and would look my whiny-butted little child in the face and say "I'm sorry I can't possibly hear you when you speak like that try asking in your nice voice" and I'd repeat it until I heard a nicer voice. In the off moments we'd talk about how it was polite to say things nicely. And I would try to remember to compliment them if they asked nicely with no prompting.

Might not work for you but its what I did with my number 1 son. Ask me in a few months if I figured out how to alleviate the "high-pitched screaming/ask" of number 2 son. At the moment I'm still to deaf from the ringing ears to even come up with a plan!! LOL

Heh did you just think of Charlie Chan and his sons too??