Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's craft time!!

Next week begins the season of Advent in my church and many others. We start to get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. To kick things off we threw a party at church for my Sunday School students today. We made Advent Wreaths they could take home and share with their families. Want to see how we did it?

We started out by cutting lengths of berry garland and wiring them into wreaths (small grapevine wreaths would work well too) We then had the kids sculpt "candles" out of Sculpey clay--three in purple, one in pink, and one in white. While the candles baked, the kids decorated their wreaths with various shiny things we provided for them. Glue dots were used in quantity!! After the candles came out of the oven we stuck circles of velcro to them and the wreaths. Gold beads were glued to the top of the candles with gold glitter glue for flames. To stabilize the white candle at the center of the wreath we attached it to self-adhesive foam snowflakes we found at the local Giant Craft Store. The children now have safe Advent wreaths they can use in their homes through the Christmas season!For more information on Advent and the colours of the candles and the order we light them in, go here. Here is another place to look too.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a great idea, Jen. Brilliant.


SimplyForties said...

That's a cute Sunday School project!