Friday, May 25, 2007

Le Sigh.

I am on day four of excruciating back and leg pain that is not allowing me to carry out my usual duties and is making me generally cranky and miserable. I need a drug-free way to perk myself up.

I have decided to Depp-utize my pain.

Mmmmmm, gypsy guitar-playing Depp....

Avast ye hearties!!

Do you need someone to scrub your back?

Can you come and help me with my yard work? I'll make lemonade.

Ok, I am starting to feel a bit better now.


Bobbi said...

Hey lady! I had terrible sciatic nerve irritation(sp?) while pregnant too. I found some exercises did help.

Some of these were my favorites to find some relief particularly tailor sitting and dromedary droop. :D

Unknown said...

thanks for the tips! I'll try just about anything at this point.

April said...

Um ok, now we really are officially friends. I love Johnny.

L said...

Which movies are the first and third shots from?

I appreciate them all btw.

Unknown said...

The first shot is from Chocolat (one of my all-time favourite movies, by the way) and I am not sure about the third one. I found it, it was pretty, so I posted it.