Monday, May 7, 2007

I can knit!!!

I know, this is not a "stop the presses" sort of headline, but it is big news for me. I missed knitting. It made the endless hours of Blues Clues that I have to watch each morning bearable. It gave me something to occupy my hands with that made me feel productive and creative and talented. I missed my needles and pretty yarn like I miss friends that move away.

I have been knitting a row or two here and there just to test my wrists out and see how they feel. My usual, English way of knitting started to feel clumsy and awkward to me. Yesterday, on a whim, I switched to the Continental style of knitting, which is a way I have been trying to knit off and on without much success in the past. Bingo! Continental feels good now! I guess a couple of months of no knitting allowed the muscle memory in my hands to fade and to allow the different way to settle in.

I am not holding my breath that my baby will be swaddled in a beautiful Mason-Dixon baby blanket this August, but I am glad that I can at least make more progress on it now!

I think Richard was happy with the hiatus from yarn buying. Sorry, Hon!


Brie said...

Hope it works out for you! (I can not knit English to save my life - way too much movement.)

Hope that it makes things better again!

April said...

Yay that IS great news for you :-) I hope we can have coffee soon. Maybe tomorrow if you have some time in the morning again! ♥

Ami said...

Can you come over and teach me in your spare time? Of course, we'll have to schedule it at a time that's convenient for me, too. What does your calendar in 2014 look like?