Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged.

My good friend Poppins tagged me for a meme. Since no one wants to hear how I have been limping around the house with sciatica for the past three days I will indulge her instead.

If I tag you I want to see seven random things about you at your blog. Pretty Please.

7 Random Things About Me
  1. Ever since reading Under the Tuscan Sun I fantasise about the day I can retire to my own Italian villa and cook beautiful sun-warmed vegetables I have picked from my gigantic garden.
  2. I was once News Editor of the University newspaper in my city.
  3. Before having kids, I played role playing games. I still remember my character from Heroes Unlimited, a kick-ass female cyborg who had a rail gun attached to one arm and took no prisoners. I also enjoyed Cthulu, and Toon.
  4. I played the flute in my high school concert and marching bands. No, I never went to band camp.
  5. I did, however have my first kiss at regular summer camp.
  6. I really want to have a green thumb, but if you don't cry, you don't tend to get fed and watered in my house.
  7. I curse like a sailor in the car, despite my best efforts to curtail it (I don't really want my kids to learn it is ok to say what I say to people who cut me off, but they may just learn that some words are for the car and no where else).
No pressure, but "tag, you're it" to: April, Manitoba Farm Girl, Mama B, CTG, Ashlee Rose, My Name is Not Mom...., Amy


April said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh k i'll do my best.

Bobbi said...

I'm in :) I'm reading Under the Tuscan Sun now having fallen in love with the movie adaptation. Its been a wonderful read! I completely understand the desire for a villa. I'm daydreaming of my own too!

ManitobaFarmGirl said...

Oh my, guess I better update and play along!