Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hi Honey, We're Home!

We are finally back and home and getting settled into our regular routine after a whirlwind two weeks.

The kids had a blast at Grandpa Rick and Nana Holly's and now have a standing invitation to visit for a week every summer. Char almost grew gills and fins she spent so much time in Nana's pool. Emmett hung out with Uncle Devon and learned how to play Game Cube.

Richard and I spent the last couple days of our trip taking it easy. We swam in the Bay of Fundy at Shediac beach, which was cold but absolutely wonderful. We also spent a day with our friends Ross and Cynthia. The morning was spent at Hopewell Rocks then Cynthia and I went shoe shopping. The day was capped off with dinner at our new favourite hangout, The Pumphouse Brewery. I sampled blueberry ale, and Richard finally found chicken wings hot enough to satisfy him.

Upon arriving home with tired and slightly more tanned children, we dropped our bags on the floor and repacked to go Up North to Manitoba Farm Girl's wedding party.

Richard helped my mom with the kids while I attended to assorted bridesmaid duties, then it was back in the van for the trip back home. We found out the hard way that Emmett now suffers from carsickness on long road trips. We also found out he responds well to Gravol.

My friend Janelle followed us home from Up North so we had a little slumber party at my house before she had to drive to Winnipeg to pick up her husband at the airport. We haven't hung out in two years since she moved to BC, so the time we spent together was precious.

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