Friday, August 11, 2006

Greetings from Sunny New Brunswick

I am writing this post in my hotel room in beautiful downtown Moncton. I wish I could fill this page with adventures, but sadly Hubby and I are pretty slow-moving on vacation. We haven't even rented a car until today. Our first three days of holiday were spent doing the things that parents do when there are no kids around: sleeping when they want, eating when and where they want and sleeping when they want.

Ok, we also explored downtown Moncton on foot and gazed in awe at the beautiful stone churches and cathedral on Church street, wandered along the shore of the Peticodiac River on a foot/bike path and I dragged Hubby into a craft store to fondle some yarn. I came down with food poisoning one evening but was back on my feet the next afternoon.

I love that there are sidewalk cafes all along Main Street. We have only grabbed a quick breakfast at our hotel so far--we don't want to eat indoors if we don't have too. Last night we sat outside and ate cajun food while watching the local colour wander by and listening to buskers that were just down the street. The Bananas Foster was to die for!. I think tonight we will be dining at the Irish pub that is just across the street--Hubby is having a hankering for steak and kidney pie. We will also be searching out a proper lobster feast--but that may be saved for one of our road trips to PEI or Shediac (Lobster capital of NB).

Well, I have to run--a yarn studio is calling my name. (Hubby will have to remember to bring something to read)

Happy Stagette Party--MB Farm Girl!!! I'll raise a glass of something to you tomorrow night.

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