Friday, August 25, 2006

Cute Kid Stuff

Char got stung by a wasp on her upper lip today. She now looks like I took her for discount lip injections. Poor little monkey. She can still suck her thumb, so she is not totally traumatized. I am playing nurse-mommy and must check on her constantly to make sure it is only her lip that is swelling. Daddy will be bringing baby antihistamines home so I will be able to sleep tonight, and not keep constant vigil at her bedside. I have been calling her Angelina all afternoon.

While we were at the park she stood up unassisted on her blanket until my friend and I noticed, and then she dropped to her knees. I think walking is just around the corner.

She is turning into a little mimic. If you say "Hello" like you are answering the phone she will hold whatever toy she has in her hand up to her ear and say "Ah-Ooo". She also barks at dogs and cats. We missed this stage with Emmett so I am having a blast with it now. Hearing someone in the house say Ma Ma and Da Da is wonderful!

Emm now has the manual dexterity to remove the tiny screws holding the battery doors in place on some of his toys. Am I living with a future neurosurgeon? I taught him how to use my camera last night, so I am anxious to get the film developed to see how he does with photography. I am a favourite subject. The blue spots in front of my eyes are just beginning to fade.

Emmett helped me make pancakes for breakfast this morning and cracked the egg in a bowl and did not get any shells in, then he measured the dry ingredients for me. He is just so observant and can master new skills so quickly. His communication is improving, even if he isn't speaking English yet. His body language is getting more and more expressive and he is making up his own signs.

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