Monday, June 5, 2006

It is too quiet here.

There is a little boy passed out asleep on the diningroom rug. He is fighting a cold so bad I had to get him a prescription for codiene cough medicine this weekend. I thought he had allergies so we got some allergy meds as well. One dose of the cough medicine was enough to calm down the cough so he could sleep. That is all he wants to do now. He even turned up his nose at a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning (that is not his usual breakfast, but when a kid is sick and not eating, you pull out all of the favourites to entice) . He seems to pick up every bug that walks down the street--any one know how to build up a kid's immune system?

This weekend was a bad one to have a sick kid--hubby was busy running a gaming convention so I was on my own the whole weekend with the kiddies. It is really hard to tend to a sickie when you also have an energetic baby who wants nothing more than to use the boy on the floor for a speed bump. I spent all of Sunday moving the speed bump to higher ground. He repeatedly made his way back to the floor. What is the attraction? The carpet is scratchy and there is no underpad. We even moved him to our bed this morning for cartoons and dozing. After his favourite show was over (Poko) he came back downstairs to the floor.

Last night I was still trying to delude myself that his cough was allergies and his lethargy was from the super-strong cough medicine so we went to a bar-be-que. I feel like Typhoid Mary today. I hope no one hates me toooo much. I really wanted to get out and talk to grownups!

Emm's birthday is coming up this weekend and we are heading into The City for a wedding. We also found out there is going to be a giant children's festival going on. Something to make us feel less guilty about leaving town instead of having a birthday party!!

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Anonymous said...

Boo hiss on sickie little boys. Is the floor cooler maybe and feels good on his skin?