Tuesday, June 20, 2006

He said "No".

Emmett shook his head "no" for the first time yesterday. I have never been so thrilled to have someone say no to me before!!! He went outside and got in the stroller around 5:00 PM. When I asked if he wanted to come inside for supper, he shook his head no and just sat there. I told him we could go for a walk after Daddy got home and we ate, so he patiently sat there. I kept asking if he wanted to come in and eat and he kept shaking his head. He sat there over an hour waiting for hubby to get home to eat and take him out.

Therapy went really well today. Emm tried so hard to blow bubbles and managed to get one aloft. We have to work on blowing feathers, cotton balls and bubbles this week. He finds pursing his lips hard--he tends to close his mouth and exhale through his nose instead of his lips. It is funny because he can suck on a straw just fine, but he can't figure out how to blow.

We have to make a sad trip this week. My dear friend (the one whose wedding party I am in and who I have known since grade 5) lost her dad on Father's Day. We will be going to his funeral at the end of the week. My arms are aching to give her a giant hug right now. Readers, can you all send some positive vibes and prayers to my friend? She and her mom were with him when he took his last breath so he was sent Up with their love and left this world peacefully. He will be sorely missed.


Brie said...

Yeah for progress! Go Emm.

Best wishes for your friend. A college friend of mine lost his dad a couple days before Christmas.

Pavonine said...

You and Emmett could find some dandelions gone to seed as well, they're fun to blow on!

My thoughts are with your friend. A friend of mine lost her father at Christmas when we were in high school. It makes a hard event even more poignant when it comes at the same time as a holiday.