Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Emmett has a crush.

Ah, how fast they grow up! Emmett's head was turned by a pretty little girl visiting the neighbours yesterday. An older woman at the ripe age of 4, she had long dark hair and big blue eyes with long lashes. The boy has good taste. He passed every one of his backyard toys over the fence to her, then started to give her the baby apples he could reach on the trees and then handed over a box of his best lego. I couldn't get him to go inside. He even waved at her with both hands when she had to go inside. This boy doesn't wave at anyone. The speech therapist was even impressed. Richard needs to have a chat with Emmett about how you shouldn't give up you best stuff right away--it is not good to set the bar too high at first with women. Poor guy. He was so lovestruck!

I had sushi for lunch and Emmett swiped one of my cucumber rolls that had wasabi on it. He had one lick and it soon became apparent he isn't ready for sushi just yet--thankfully wasabi doesn't burn for long!!

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ninepounddictator said...

Man, aren't kid crushes so cute???

My gal is in love with a boy named Bennett. Every time I say his name, she practically blushes...

Also, I love you daddy' day pics!!