Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm going to have to send my mother of the year award back.

Poor Charlotte!! She likes to be carried all the time. I carried her downstairs to look for something, tripped and bumped her nose on a little shelf I have by my washing machine. She was so shocked she didn't even know if she should cry or not. She chose just to wimper and look at me with a confused look. Ok, momma nurse then went into action: Breathing obstructed? Nope. Bleeding? Just a tiny bit. Eyes tracking symetrically? Yep. Disfigurement of the nose? Except for an ugly scrape, none. I don't think we will have to spend the afternoon at walk-in, breathing in avian flu germs. I know she will be fine--I just feel sooooooo terrible!!!

Mom and Dad are in town, so we will get to go out for dinner and show off Char's new injury. Poor Mom, she just came home from working the graveyard shift, hopped in the car and hasn't gone to bed yet. (Good thing Dad drove)

Knitting group last night was surreal--three of us showed up with three different projects all using the same type of yarn!!! We looked like an infomercial. We had a good giggle about the yarn, then went on to giggle about more important things: S-E-X (tee hee, snicker, snicker)

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