Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

The new school year started for us yesterday.  I now have a third grader and a first grader.  Much to the surprise of Emmett's teacher, he is shockingly close to the same height as her.  Char is very excited to get to stay for lunch and then take the bus home every day. (I am very excited I no longer have to fight with the horrible parking situation around her school and wrangle Matthew while waiting for dismissal.)  Matthew and I have his dance class, playgroups and a homeschool pre-school curriculum to keep us occupied during our days home together now.

The rest of this week will be fairly quiet as the kids ease into school routines.  Next week, a steady trickle of permission slips and fund raising forms will begin to come home. Extra curricular activities start and resume.  That is when the reality of a lazy summer being officially over will really hit me.

I was a bad mama who could not find the camera in the early-morning rush yesterday, so you get pictures from my phone of my big kids heading off on their first days:


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Ami said...

They both look very grown up. Love Char's hair! And Emmett looks like he's about 12.

They just keep growing and growing...