Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anthropoligical Study

While I was away at camp, our long-awaited new-er car came home from it's trips to the auto body shop and mechanic.

We bought this car at an insurance auction in the very early Spring, while there was still snow on the ground.  I have been waiting a very long time for this vehicle.

It is kind of interesting to buy a car at an auction.  You get it completely as is.  The previous owners literally walked away from this car and left a lot of stuff behind.  Here is what I know about the previous owners of my new-er car:
  • They had a pet with a lot of very long white hair who liked to travel.
  • They really loved the black tree-shaped air fresheners.  (After removing around five of them from the rear view mirror I am now paranoid about what sorts of odors they were covering up and when I will discover them)
  • Given the sheer number of ponytail holders found all over the car, they had at least one girl.
  • They are missing one pink glove.
  • The driver liked Tim Horton's.
  • They preferred Crayola crayons.
  • Someone had a Nintendo DS, and they are missing their hard-sided case. (Emmett thought that was awesome.  Free DS Case with purchase!) 
  • They liked eating crackers in the backseat.
  • and oranges
  • and raisins
  • Someone smoked, but not very often in the car.  The ashtray was a little bit dirty, but there were no telltale stains on the ceiling of the car and no scorch marks anywhere.
  • They didn't use the change caddy for money, but preferred to melt candy in it instead.
  • A lot of sticky drinks were splashed around. (8 cup holders, ALL sticky)
  • They used their car as an instrument for auditory torture did not have the same taste in music that we have. (Celine Dion, Nickleback, and Kidz Bop CDs were all left in the car.)
When I first saw the condition of the interior (and that was after Richard cleared out the fast food fliers and random papers and some garbage strewn about) I thought "These people are slobs!  How could they let their car get so dirty??"  And then I cast my eye around the Big Blue Dustbuster that I currently drive and realized that because it wasn't MY junk, I noticed it so much more.  When you fill your car with garbage bit by bit, I don't think you really notice how much is piling up until it reaches a critical mass.

What does your car say about you?


ohnoAMY said...

This cracked me up. I love your writing style. :)

craftosaurus said...

Up until a couple weeks ago, my car said "I too am a slob, and sometimes I go to the gym. I have a dog who gets too freaked out on trips to eat all his treats, and I live in a climate that gets icy -- and therefore also sandy -- in the winter." I bit the bullet and cleaned out and vacuumed both cars, and I'm still a little giddy when I open one of the doors and find that it's still clean. Plus, I can park at work next to ANYONE without worrying that it's someone who'll know it's my car and think less of me for it.

Ami said...

Let's just say my vehicle shows that I'm really a busy person and I don't have time to clean a car?

Gail said...

Dh had a company car a few years ago, and when it was time to give it up it was hauled away to an auction. We had removed most personal items like CDs, but I think it had an amazing amount of potato chip crumbs in it. Also, possibly some double-point needles -- they invariably slip out of my hands and drop in that teeny little space between the front passenger seat and the console.

Unknown said...

@Amy--awww, Thanks! You are very sweet.

@craftosaurus: I am loathe to let the kids bring anything extra into the new car now and get it messed up. I do feel happy when I get in and everything is still so tidy (it helps that the tailgate is broken so I can't load it from the back...ahem...that is getting fixed today)


@Gail--I am sure if we ever get rid of our couch the next owner will give it a good shake and crayons, DPNs, and toy cars will come trickling out the bottom. My couch has a real appetite for DPNs and Matchbox cars.