Saturday, May 14, 2011


In amongst the stress and pain of these past few weeks there have been some bright spots.  When the local media called out for help with sandbaggers people from all corners of the city dropped everything and put on their boots and work gloves.  The city had enough help that the mayor was able to turn away the assistance of the military so they could go help in places that needed it more. The local University opened up their classrooms to my boy's evacuated school.

In my own world I was given the gift of friends who navigated the gnarly traffic and road closures to bring me plastic storage bins and extra hands to empty my basement and feed me tea when I allowed myself moments to feel the gravity of our situation.  My mom dropped everything and drove five hours to open her new house to us for a week.  My mother in law came into the country to pick up Emmett so he wouldn't miss his Beavers meeting and then took him to school the next day.  My other mother in law is forcing me out of her house and into a spa today.

I am grateful to those friends who couldn't help me in person, but offered up kind words and prayers.  It means a lot to have my family being held in so many hearts and minds right now.  Every positive vibe helps.

Yesterday, on our way to visit the Big City we stopped for supper at McDonalds.  On the Weather Channel they were showing footage of a little town in the area preparing for a planned dike breach this morning.  The little boys at the table next to us called their grandparent's attention to the images.  Emmett overheard it and walked over and told them he lives near "big sandbags" too.  We all had a moment of commiseration.  Can we spare a thought for those people today?

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Ami said...

Been thinking of you.
Keeping fingers crossed.