Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's that time of year again...

It is dance recital season.  The time of year many moms dread because of the vast amount of time that will be spent on rehearsals, costumes, makeup, and performances.  My kids love dance class and get a lot out of it and as much as I dread the hours of kid wrangling at the recital and the attacks of claustrophobia I get in the stuffy basement dressing rooms, there are other moments that I remember why I shell out the money and time for this.

There was a performance by some senior girls last night that brought tears to my eyes with it's emotional depth and poignancy.

Noticing how  Charlotte has  improved over the year made me so proud of her.  To see her have fun and enjoy herself on stage was awesome.  The late night was particularly hard on her and we will spend the rest of the weekend trying to help her catch up on her lost sleep and try to maintain our sanity while she has meltdown after meltdown.

I watched with shock and horror as Matthew stood on the stage and picked his nose through his dress rehearsal.  Then, on the night of the final recital I saw this:

And if you can actually bring yourself to watch until 2:30, you will see him steal the show.
(The song is Fireflies by Owl City)

(There is no video of Charlotte because I lost my seat after the intermission while I was helping her in the dressing room so I could not get a good view with my camera while she was dancing. )

So as much as I complain, I always go back.  I can't stay away.


Ami said...

It's really a cute photo.

And seeing him run off and come back with more glow is very, very cute.


rocyn said...

So very cute!

craftosaurus said...

Oh, that's great! :D