Friday, February 25, 2011


original shot, not too bad
very subtle effects added to gently boost colours and draw focus in to my face
Crazy fun with filters, eye, hair and lip enhancement (yes, I made my eyes blue.  Because I could)
Today is my birthday.  To celebrate I am sitting in my PJs playing with my premium subscription to the photo-editing site Picnik.  Yes, yes, all of you Photoshop wizards can scoff, but this is a really fun site.  Everything is really easy to use, so I can just relax and play without having to take a class first.

Tonight a babysitter is coming so I can stuff my face with sushi with some friends.  Tomorrow, I get to see Charlotte dance in the Arts Festival, and then chow down on a decadent chocolate cake made by the very talented Richard.

All in all, 35 is starting out to be a pretty good year.


LaughingLady said...

Sounds like a great start to a "new" year!! Have a very happy birthday!

Blondee said...

Enjoy your special day!

And as far as the photo adjustments....I agree, sometimes it's the simple things that bring the most pleasure. Editing photos without a crash course on the site is NICE! :)

Ami said...

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!!

You look great!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday!