Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random thoughts from my brain to yours

Hello again!  How would you like some random thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain recently?

The Good:
  • This year's time change was the least painful in my years as a mother.  The kids are getting old enough to do more for themselves so we left a movie on pause in the DVR and some food out where they could reach it.  This bought me an extra hour of sleep!!  Sweet!  (This is getting added to my list of Why I Don't Want to Have Another Baby)
  • I ran 5.5 K last week after taking three weeks off.  I felt amazing afterward.
  • I am having a lot of fun with my Sparks and am loving getting to know the girls better each week.
  • Charlotte is positively blossoming at her French Immersion school and is coming home singing some adorable songs in French and is eager to learn as many words as she can.  She is taxing my brain and my ancient knowledge as I struggle to remember the words she asks me. 
  • My kids ate stir fry last night.  They usually cry when I make it.  (this is small, but still makes me happy)
  • My parents are looking at some big, happy changes in their life.   These changes will benefit the whole family.  They could use some positive thoughts sent their way if you are so inclined.
The Bad:
  • Emmett is struggling again.  He is having setbacks in a few places in his life and I am frustrated and upset by it.  We are trying our best to help him.
  • Matthew is three.  Matthew has turned into a demon of sorts and nothing is safe in this house anymore.  I know This Too Shall Pass, but man it sucks to be in the thick of it!
  • The Cleaning Genes have been woken up in my soul.  This could be a good thing, except for the previous bullet point.  I WANT to be in a tidy house, but unless I cage Matthew I have to settle for a mess and feeling stressed and frustrated all the time.
Well there you go.  The contents of my brain.  What is on your mind right now?


Jason, as himself said...

It is SO nice when the little ones get older and can do some things on their own!

Maybe you could cage Matthew for just a little while? Kidding.

Stacey said...

I've got less than 3 hours until Maddy gets back from her first solo visit to Keith's parents. I know I should be grateful for the break, but mommy-guilt won't let me...add to that I didn't get as much done as I wanted and I'm still trying to catch up from the early stages of the hernia...


But (!!) I fixed my website all on my own and I love what I'm making for holiday sales and I'm really excited to see what Maddy has learned in 5 days away from us. Need to start focusing on creating more positives than negatives, I think.

Rina said...