Monday, June 21, 2010


First, I want to reassure my wonderful and concerned readers that Charlotte's hand is much better.  The doctor gave us some magical cream that took the swelling right down.  I cleaned Char's room very thoroughly and found no more evidence of arachnoid invasion.

Here are some random snapshots of our life recently......

This is what happens when your cheap set of measuring spoons falls down the garbage disposal.
Here is my little girl "reading" in the back yard.....let's take another look.....

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance???   Well, aren't we the pretentious little hipster!!  (The next day she grabbed Lives of Girls and Women, by Alice Munro.)

Two hours at the fair and Richard felt like he was hemorrhaging twenties.

The parents were much happier about having the two year old on a leash than the two year old was being on a leash.  (seriously--I don't know how we could have gone to the fair without it!)

Soccer season is over.  What will be my motivation to fold laundry now???
I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Emmett and Charlotte's skills develop over the month they played.  Emmett was slow to start, but really got into it by the end.  Charlotte is a real scrapper on the field.


LaughingLady said...

Love these little snapshots of your life, especially the spoons in the garbage disposal! You're lucky they were cheap ones ~ good quality ones would probably have completely destroyed the disposal!! Replacing cheap spoons is much, well... CHEAPER!!

And I'm glad to hear you haven't found any more nasty spiders and that Char's hand is back to normal size. Ick.

I need to do a post like this every now and again ~ I feel like my blog has completely drifted away from reflecting my everyday "normal" life. I need a better balance between thoughts about faith and what goes on in my life!

nancy said...

You have to love the harness. I had one tied to each side of me when my kids were young, as did my friend. Unforutnately, my daughter wouldn't let me harness her sons, so I didn't go as many places with my grandsons as I did with my kids.

Not Jenny said...

nancy--I just love that harness. Matthew is a wanderer and it has saved us from losing him many times. I also love that it fits in my purse and lets my boy walk as opposed to being strapped into a stroller all the time. Kids need to move!

sweetpepper said...

i gave you a sunshine award on my blog! we need a coffee date next week!