Saturday, January 23, 2010

This picture just makes me smile. Emmett is explaining the poster to Charlotte.
This is amazing for several reasons.

I am still in awe that Emmett's communication skills have progressed to the point where he can explain an anatomy poster to his little sister (well, his grasp of anatomy is as good as any six year olds....but you get my drift, right?)

And, I love catching these moments. Moments when there is peace an co-operation in my house. Moments where the kids are helping each other out with no coaching from me.

I registered Char for Kindergarten this week. She will be going to a French Immersion school in our city. She is so excited. So is her dad. He and his sister went to the same school once upon a time. Charlotte needs the extra challenge and stimulation a language-immersion program will give her.

I can't get over how fast everyone is growing up!

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Ami said...

You're not the only one looking at those little people and being amazed at how fast they grow up!


I think Emmett's progress is wonderful. It must be so exciting to watch it first hand.

Can't believe your daughter is old enough for K!