Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 in bullet points

Happy New Year!

My first post of the new year is going to be a random collection of bullet points that have been rattling around in my head since the last time I wrote.
  • New Years is usually a pretty quiet affair around here. To me, the real New Year happens in September, when there is actual, tangible change in the air. The seasons change, summer holidays transition into the routine of school and lessons....stuff happens. When January 1 rolls around, it is still cold, it is still winter, and the only thing I really have to do is remember to write a new year on the cheques I write.
  • I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. I figured that if I wanted to affect change in my life, why wait for one arbitrary day of the year? So, when we got a shiny new Wii for Christmas, I didn't wait for Jan 1 to start using it to exercise, I started on Dec 27, after heading out to buy a game that now whips my bum into shape five days of the week.
  • This year we did something different to ring in the New Year. I had an actual dinner party in my house with over 10 guests. My inlaws stopped by on their way to a skiing holiday and filled my house with food and fun. I have not been in close vicinity to teenagers since summer camp (where cel phones are banned) so, I had no idea that they must send text messages all the time. Is this really true, or does this just happen with the particular teenagers that were in my house?
  • I also found out that if you have hockey fans over on the night of a Big Game and you don't have cable or any sort of TV channels to speak of, they find other ways to get the score--like asking a nearby teenager to tap into the host's wireless network with his laptop to get streaming scores. (The teenager then shows the host's husband the Finnish version of the show Jackass and then the host is forced to watch it for the next week....sigh)
  • I loved having Richard home for a week. This is the first time he has had actual time off over any holiday season--you just don't get time off when you run your own business. Having him home was great! I got to be decadent and self-indulgent and plowed through a 1000+ page novel in four days!! It was divine and a great way to recharge my batteries between family celebrations. Of course, after conquering such a weighty tome, I have no idea what to read next. Decisions, decisions......
  • Emmett lost another tooth and grew half an inch over holidays. He now speaks with a lisp and has three new pairs of pants in his drawer since his other ones were looking like capris. (This kid also grew an entire shoe size between September and November....will I ever keep up to this???)
  • Matthew's vocabulary is growing, if you listen carefully and pay attention to context.
  • I found out I am a gonzo Star Wars Lego builder. I "helped" (ahem, toiled away while the boy watched) Emmett build two new projects, and we have two more left to do.
  • The Lego designers are geniuses. That is all I have to say about that.
  • Do you say Twenty-Ten, or Two Thousand and Ten??


Natalie @Nat_Rea said...

I haven't had my hubby home for the holidays ever! You're lucky you got to recharge - that's exactly what the holidays are all about :)

Enjoy the Wii Fit!

tammi said...

The more I read about it, the more I'm kinda wishing we had a WiiFit. Walking doesn't do much for me anymore because it's become too much of a routine (which I still love, but as far as fitness is concerned, it's not much of a help!), but now with the icy gravel roads running is out of the question and hubby is gone 10 days in a row, so my minimum of 3 days a week walking has dwindled down to 2...

Yeah, yeah, I know, it all sounds like excuses to me, too!!!!

Brooke said...

i love your NYE dinner party idea. i keep meaning to have people over for dinner...then remember i can't cook.

i say twenty ten

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

"will I ever keep up to this??"

Nope. Padawan Learner has grown 5.5 inches a year for the past two years and doesn't appear to be slowing down a bit. Buy stock in clothing & shoe concerns ASAP.