Sunday, September 27, 2009

Please be patient...

Guess what?? The cord to the camera disappeared in the move. Hubby is at the electronics store buying a new one right now.

Slideshows of our summer and new house will be forthcoming.

By the way, we love the new house, and have found out how completely wonderful a backyard hot tub is. Our neighbours are friendly and Emmett is adjusting to his new school. We have only had one bump at school so far. I raised holy hell and the staff were properly apologetic.

So far, so good!

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Ami said...

Of course you're going to blog about what happened at school, right? You're not just going to leave us hanging.

I got so tired of trying to keep track of camera cords etc that I finally bought a card reader that will take all sorts of different cards.

It's been very handy.

Glad you're liking the new house and everything else.
::waiting for pictures:::