Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom or Logistical Superhero?

It all started out so innocently. Emmett had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I took Charlotte to school, then went home to kill an hour before the appointment.
It suddenly occurred to me that I should find something to do with Matthew so I could actually talk to the doc about my concerns. I quick IM conversation with a helpful friend and Matthew had a morning playdate. I thought I was sitting pretty. I only waited ten minutes in the waiting room. I thought life was pretty good.

I got too cocky.

Something suspicious turned up on Emmett's urinalysis. The doctor said it was probably a contaminated specimen, but we had to re-do it AND add some bloodwork just to be on the safe side. He said to "just go up to the lab and have the blood drawn." Yeah. Right. The lab waiting room looked like Grand Central Station. My watch told me I had to be at Char's school in 20 minutes to pick her up. My blood pressure rose. A lot.

I smiled at the receptionist (always smile--your problem is rarely their fault.) I explained my predicament. She said "Come back in an hour. I'll hold your spot in line." That was the second best thing she could say--the first being "Oh well, let's just take you back right now." I took the gift. I picked up Matthew, I drove to Char's school. I made a few calls in the parking lot and thanked my lucky stars my MIL was home and could stop over and sit while the kids ate and then napped. Ronald McDonald took care of lunch.

I got Matthew and Charlotte settled down at home, sped back to the lab, had the blood drawn. (My boy was a trooper and earned THREE Spiderman stickers for his trouble.) I managed to get him back to school for the afternoon with one minute to spare.

Did I earn my respite sushi last night, or what????


Anonymous said...

I hope all turns out alright with the bloodwork.

And you have a relaxing day!

Ami said...

Okay. I get 'respite cookie'. I understand 'respite chocolate' too.

But respite sushi? Isn't that a form of punishment no longer allowed under the Geneva Convention?

Hope the bloodwork shows nothing abnormal or problematical.

You're gonna need superhero tights and stuff if you're going to continue on that sort of schedule.

April said...

Sorry I missed the call..we were in Shoal Lake yesterday. Glad it worked out! ♥

Imcombobulated said...

Good job, SuperMomma! I'm suitably impressed, as someone who usually manages to be a logistical failure :)

Respite sushi is brilliant. It's what we get when treats are deserved.

I hope the urinalysis turns out okay.