Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello again!

Well, it feels like I have been neglecting this blog. We have been battling a stomach bug this past week--it moved from child to child very systematically. This is not blogworthy conversation. Do you really need to know that I spent part of yesterday morning scraping dried vomit off of Emmett's bedroom wall? Didn't think so. My washing machine and dryer have been my steady and loyal companions through the nastiness. As has the new Go! Diego! Go! DVD we have.

I started feeling queasy yesterday. I feel fine today. I guess I didn't catch the bug, but instead caught a severe case of being grossed out from dealing with the constant stream of yuck the kids have been giving me this week.

I tried to think of why this is so gross now, given my previous profession. I just realized. I NEVER had to wash the pukey blankets at the hospital. I have no problem cleaning up pukey people, but cleaning up bedding and pyjamas was not my job. I would do a quick mop up (usually by pushing a towel around on the floor with my foot) and then drop all the ickiness in a hamper that got carried away by some saint in the maintenance department.

I ventured out to buy more laundry detergent yesterday and as I was loading the van the cap came off the bottle and spilled all over the parking spot next to mine. Sigh. I am glad that it happened in the parking lot and not my van, I guess. I am also glad that the lady at customer service didn't have a problem with replacing my empty bottle with a full one. (I bought the 96 load bottle--that was a LOT of detergent to spill.)

So there you go. Maybe now that everyone is healthy again I can get back to writing about more interesting stuff. How about that school in New Brunswick that stopped playing our National Anthem?? Or the new octuplets that were born in California? Oh yeah, and didn't something really big happen to the South of us? Didn't some guy get a new job?? Even Emmett knows about that! He watched the inauguration in his classroom at school.

What's been on your mind lately?


Tara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your week. Puking has got to be the WORST of the flu bugs. Hope everyone's feeling better soon.

~ Elly ~ said...

World's cleanest parking space!