Friday, January 9, 2009

Clothing Wars.

To paraphrase Amanda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada: Am I asking too much? Am I reaching for the stars here?

Charlotte has recently decided she will not wear jeans anymore. She calls them "hard pants" and finds them uncomfortable to play in. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it was May or June when she made this declaration. She instead decided this in December, during a cold snap. She essentially eliminated half of her wardrobe from circulation. I went shopping.

I started at Zeller's. I found some woven cotton elastic waist pants. I thought they looked a little low in the rise, but decided to give them a try (they were buy one pair, get one pair free) Charlotte tried them on and they mostly fit. She wore a pair to playgroup the next day and they would not stay up over her little derriere. They are pretty much unwearable. I lost the receipt. Anyone need some brand new pants, size 4, with tags?

I made my way to the Walsmart. The friend I went with was infinitely patient as I combed the racks for non-jean pants that I thought were appropriate. What is appropriate? Well.......
  • Regular rise
  • No licenced characters (eg, Hillary Duff, Hannah Montana, High School Musical........) They are not paying me to advertise, and most of the stuff is pretty ugly anyway.
  • Adjustable waist, or soft elastic waist
  • No cuffs on the sweats (looks sloppy)
  • No writing on the bum
  • Washable
I ended up with two pairs of pants. One pair of boot cut sweats and some soft woven cargoes that will need Char to wear tights underneath to stay warm in.

I am thankful tunics and leggings seem to be the style for Spring. Charlotte and I will both be happy then.


Ami said...

Sweat pants are very, very easy to make. I'm sewing-impaired and can make them. Someone as talented as you are could probably do it in your sleep!

I love what you said about advertising wear. Don't you hate that? Yeah, I know. So do I.

Ashlee Rose O. said...

In the SouleMama book there's super easy instructions for making pants out of an adult shirt. They look cute and comfy. Do you have it? I can send you if you'd like...

Anonymous said...

as a heads up, Zellers does do no-bill returns but the money will be put back on an HBC gift card. You also need photo ID.

Unknown said...

Thanks Stef!!
Oh and can I say...the sparkly pink sweats and brown velour pants you and your Mom sent for Christmas fit the bill perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Can you put a drawstring in those pants?

Also, what about corduroy pants? I find them much more comfy than jeans.

Anonymous said...

Do you get Joe clothing anywhere there? I find their kids clothes good, and they seem comfortable!

Unknown said...

Pav--We LOVE Joe clothes. They are cute, cheap and easy to sneak in under the radar since they are sold at the grocery store. The problem right now is that we don't have enough.
I did just buy the adorable navy and polka dotted leggings with matching 60's style floral tunic last time I went shopping. Have you seen it?

noelle said...

My oldest dd hated jeans when she was that age too. She wore lots of leggings under warm dresses. That would be my vote.

Can you make her some little legwarmers too? Even ones that go all the way up to her thigh would be warm under a dress.

~ Elly ~ said...

We found some softer denim jeans at Gymboree. L in general refuses to wear pants.