Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My week by pluses and minuses.

There are a lot of jumbled thoughts swirling around in my brain. Here are some bullet points to highlight the past week.
  • +Charlotte started preschool this week. Parents are allowed to stay for the first week to help their little students get acclimated. I did not have to. She saw toys. She saw kids. I didn't even get a wave goodbye.
  • +The teachers at preschool were so happy to hear about Emmett's breakthrough they shed happy tears for him. I am going to try to drag him in to say hi when we drop Char off tomorrow. He didn't want to go in on Tuesday. He said "That is my old school. I go to my new school now."
  • +We met Emmett's new teacher and EA today. They are very sweet and very enthusiastic about helping Emmett be the best he can be. They copied a few things from preschool that worked for him there. When Emmett saw his visual schedule in place he relaxed noticbly. He will be ok.
  • -The Resource teacher informed me that they only have funding for Emmett's helper for 21 days. I have to go to another meeting to plead his case and get the funding extended. (insert expletive here)
  • -My respite worker lost her temper at me and yelled at me in front of my kids about my lax housekeeping skills. She came into the house after two days of constant rain. We were ankle deep in toys. The table was piled high with various art projects. I called the co-ordinator today. She will not be returning to our messy house again.


Mama Bear said...

Oh. My. Word. About your respite worker. What the heck business is it of hers, anyway. Urgh.

I'm still so happy about Emmett!!!!!

And - *sniff* my baby turns 1 in a few weeks. I refuse!!

Wendy Hawksley said...

I don't know what a respite worker is, but maybe she could take a chill pill. Or a laxative.

Ami said...

Funny how some kids don't need those apron strings, huh? I have one like that.

I'm sorry you have to go plead your case after 21 days. Sheesh some people are just, well, dumb. You can tell 'em I said so, if you want.

And. Your. RESPITE WORKER. YELLED at YOU??? About YOUR home?

Tell her, if you see her again, that Ami thinks she's a bitch and should smooch your donkey.

My god.

Mama Owl said...

Holy hannah. Good thing I don't have a respite worker - she wouldn't make it past the front door, if her tidiness standards are so high. Sheesh. Be-otch.

Other stuff sounds great though! Yay for positive change!