Monday, February 5, 2007

Cold Weather Fun.

It is -27 C today. Brrr! When I was at the grocery store this morning I picked up a tube of refrigerated bread sticks to play with. While Charlotte was napping, Emmett and I moulded the bread sticks into different shapes--Emm's were kind of blobby, and I spelled out his name with mine. Emmett then brushed the shapes with beaten egg (that was a LOT of fun for him) and I sprinkled on some Kosher salt. After a quick trip through the oven, we had a fun snack to greet Char with after her nap. They are not very pretty, but they sure are tasty!


Anonymous said...

they sound yummy and are making me hungry!!!

stay warm... amy

my name is not mom for the next 5 min said...

Hey that is a great idea I thinkI will try that with the boys next week! thanks