Sunday, October 29, 2006

One little monkey jumping on the bed.

If you look forward to setting your clock back an hour so you can sleep in on Sunday morning a little longer, you must not be the parent of small children. We will probably be messed up for the better part of the coming week. To add further insult to waking up when the clock said 6:00AM this morning Char had me up every 1/2 hour before that until 3:00AM when I decided she could sleep in our bed. We usually have a firm "no kids in bed " rule, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She slept really well snuggled down between us, for a solid three hours before she sprung up and jumped on my head and said "Up." Ugh.

I got to have a little physics lesson in my house last week. On Monday I brought home the groceries and started putting them away. While I was doing that the kids were off in the living room playing...or so I thought. In a few minutes I heard a strange thudding sound coming from the stairwell and then a little cry. Nope, it wasn't a child that fell, it was a honeydew melon. My little monkeys were studying the Law of Gravity and wanted to see what would happen if they dropped a melon down the steps. It split open, so the littlest monkey decided to have a snack. They are pretty smart--they knew I would get all twitchy if I saw them trying to cut the the thing open with a knife.

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Brie said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with Char! She's quite the explorer.

And the melon sacrifice is too cute.