Friday, May 9, 2014

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Just before Christmas, our beloved Basset Hound, Lucy passed away.  She had 15 years with our family and we loved her dearly.  She was a very special dog and I still miss her every day.  In fact, I am getting teary right now, thinking about her.

Our kids have been asking and asking for another dog.  It's too soon.  15 years is a long time.  The grown-ups in the house are not ready to open their hearts up to another dog just yet.

 I did miss having a pet around the house, though.

A few weeks ago Richard suggested we go to the pet store and look at some rats.  When Richard says "look" he actually means "buy".  This man doesn't shop around.

I didn't think I could warm up to a rodent as a pet.  I had uninvited mice in our old house and I positively freaked out!

But now I am a crazy Rat Lady who sews cozy tents for rodents and shops around for the best treats and makes a custom feed blend because the rats don't like the store-bought blend and researches how to properly socialize timid rodents who don't really want to cuddle. (But I am still not as crazy as some Rat People....)

Meet Super Dude and Nibbles

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Farmer Jo said...

I just can't get on board with pet rats.... but those two look awful cute and spoiled! The best kind of rat.