Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pictures from a Kub Kar Rally

If you are American, this might look like a Pinewood Derby to you.  If you are not a Scouting Family, then Kub Kars (and Pinewood Derby cars) are little wooden cars Scouts design and  build and race. In Canada, Beaver Scouts (the youngest members of Scouting) build and race Beaver Buggies while Cub Scouts build Kub Kars and the oldest Scouts build semi trucks.  I was amazed at the creativity shown in the designs of the cars.  Our boys didn't win any races, but Emmett took his losses with much more grace than Matthew did.  Charlotte came to the races in her Brownie uniform since we had a Guiding Spring Tea to attend right afterward.  It was a Scouting kind of weekend!

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Ami said...

I remember those days. :)
Your kids are growing up! They've changed so much in the past couple years, especially Emmett! He looks like, well, a young man.

My babies will be 26 and 20 in a couple months. Astounding.