Saturday, February 2, 2013

I know, it's been a while.

Happy New Year!  Christmas and New Year flew by in a flurry of food, family and, unfortunately, illness.  A horrid virus swept through the house right after Christmas and had us all flattened one by one.  I am just coming up for air now.

I knew my energy was coming back when I decided last week that my kitchen cupboards and our home office needed to be sorted and purged RIGHT NOW. 

This cuts into blogging time.

So, can I welcome you back to my blog with a story?

We tried to take the family out for a new experience.  Our city is hosting a cultural fair this weekend and as it turns out, Richard is crazy for Ethiopian food so we took the boys over to the Ethiopian pavilion to experience some authentic cuisine.

Things I learned tonight:
  • I loved listening to the music being played in the pavilion. To my untrained Caucasian ear I heard hints of Egypt and India in the rhythms and instruments.
  • Ethiopian coffee is the best.  Sorry, Italy. Your Espresso will always hold a place in my heart ever since my lovely in-laws gave me a gorgeous machine for Christmas. You force my eyes open all the way every morning,but the Ethiopian coffee ceremony is something very special and the coffee is so. very. tasty. 
 If only you could smell what is happening in this video...

  • In addition to coffee, I also enjoyed a Dragon Stout.  Dragon Stout is a dark beer that was on the list of Ethiopian Beers at the bar at the pavilion. Upon inspection of the label I found out it is actually brewed in Kingston Jamaica at the Red Stripe brewery.  Google told us when we got home that Ethiopia and Jamaica are connected through the Rastafarian movement. It is a strong but mellow beer.  I have recently started expanding my beer horizons and surprised myself by enjoying stout as much as I do.  (that is another blog post!)

  • Matthew caught on very quickly to eating with injera.  I shouldn't be surprised. I beg him to eat with utensils all the time.  For once, it was OK for him to eat with his hands! Emmett was very overwhelmed by the loud music, unusual food and general commotion.  He spent the evening hunched over Angry Birds with the hood of his jacked pulled right over his head.  Charlotte was away for the weekend so she missed the whole thing.

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Ami said...

Welcome back! I had to smile at the image of Emmett sitting on the fringes and playing a game and trying to tune things out. Once we got Alyssa an mp3 player, it suddenly got a lot easier to take her places because she had her retreat with her everywhere we went. :)
I do not do coffee. Which leaves more for you, right?